Why Adopt?

My eyes have been opened to the devastating statistics of Ethiopia, and orphans worldwide.
The reality of the number of children without a family or a home is haunting.

The need is great.
There are over 147 MILLION orphans worldwide, a number far too great to comprehend.

know God has called us to adopt. I whole heartedly believe this is HIS will for our lives.
I know some people question our heart's desire. They don't understand why.

But, the more I learn, the more my heart aches. I simply cannot turn away...

Because, My life is not my own.
I belong to my faithful Savior.
AND, this world is not all about me.

I want to be passionate about what my Father is passionate about.
I want to be moved into action over social injustices that cause Him pain.
I want my heart to be in tune with my Jesus.

I wish in the 21st century we could find a way to cure AIDS, illness, poverty & clean drinking water was in plenty. I wish there wasn't a need for adoption, simply because every child already had a home AND a family.

However, today...that is not our reality.

We're not in this to "rescue" or "save" a child. [those words actually make me shutter in relation to adoption.]

we're simply loving our Jesus and trying our best to follow Him...

[and we're having a rockin' good time doing so.]

Somehow along the way we just get the incredible privilege of welcoming a little Ethiopian kiddo into our lives.

and I wouldn't have it any other way.