Sunday, September 2, 2012

we are HOME!!!

We are HOME!!!!

I have so much to write about...and so many pictures to share...and stories to tell. 
But, they will have to wait for another day....
for my sweet little boy should be waking up from his nap soon. 

I'll leave you with one of the many favorite pictures from our homecoming. 
A special thank you to our dear friend who beautifully captured the day.

{our family of THREE}
reunited at last. 

so blessed. 


  1. We so so much wanted to come to the airport, but bless Juanita, she saved the day with her videos!! I am speechless and so happy for you. Rest and enjoy! xoxox

  2. beautiful pic - beautiful family!!
    can't wait for more updates. :)
    love you guys!

  3. Congratulations, Hapner Family!!! I hope you are all adjusting well to the changes--can't wait to see more pictures and read updates!

  4. What a beautiful picture to mark the beginning of the next chapter...yay for Moses being home! Can't wait to meet him :)

  5. WAHOO!! Congratulations and welcome home!! SO happy we met up in Ethiopia! Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to you guys, though!!! Hope you're all adjusting well!!! <3