Wednesday, August 1, 2012

anticipating. hoping. waiting.

Muse finished his last round of meds on Monday.
He had a follow appointment with the doctor on Tuesday.
We're anxiously waiting to hear the results....
...and for him to be cleared medically.
Once this happens our case can be submitted to the US Embassy.
{which can only happen on Thursdays for agency}

Praying we may be submitted tomorrow...
and if not, may the next week go by fast. 

oh, sweet make my heart swell 
with an indescribable amount of joy.

my arms long to hold you again.
praying we may reunited soon.

until then, may you enjoy every moment in your pink crocs.

(and please don't let them cut your curls, again)

I like them a lot
and I love you even more.

soon, child....soon.


  1. hoping and praying with you! he sure does do a great job of rocking those pink crocs! :)