Friday, August 3, 2012

2 years strong.

We started on this journey 
August 3, 2010.

Two years have passed.
We've come so far and the finish line 
almost feels within reach.

It's humbling to read and reflect on the past two years.
(click here to read the post that started it all
and  here to read about 1 year mark) remember where we started
and why.

like how it's all about HIM, not us. 
It's HIS story and He is at work. 

To surrender the details, the heartache, 
and our calendar and timelines to our 
Heavenly Father.

it's not easy...
and I often find myself wallowing in self-pity. 
I had a cupcake for breakfast to prove it. 
(and maybe three before I went to bed last night). 

This journey is hard....
yet, so beautiful

God is good.
and faithful.

and as August carries on, I will cling to that. 

(and new pictures of Moses certainly help, too!)

much love, friends.


  1. You know, I'm really liking the pink crocs. And I'm thinking maybe I will get a kitten! If you carry the litter. Solidarity, Baby! Let's all get pink crocs!!!!!

  2. Oh friend! I am praying that the END is so soon. Love you.