Monday, July 9, 2012

real life friends.

we have talked on the phone 
a million times in the last 18 months.
we have shared in each other's joys
fears, and frustrations.
we have cried for one another...
and we have laughed. 
we have prayed fervently for one another
and our sweet ethiopian babes.
we've walked this road together 
from {almost} the beginning.
it's been a whirlwind...
and an honor 
and joy
to walk this journey together. 
{and yet, we had never met}

 last monday our worlds finally collided 
in the dulles international airport. 

with their sweet boy in tote.
it was perfect.

so grateful for you, chase family.
so happy your sweet boy is home.
so privileged to call you friends.


  1. so sweet! some of my very best friends in the world have been made through our adoption process, too. so glad you were able to meet up with them. :)

  2. OH!!! I LOVE this SO SO much! (Although I'm incredibly jealous!!!) We need to get all three of us...and all three of our boys... together one day!!!

  3. I cried when Jen told me you drove to Dulles and met them. How neat that you could welcome them into the states!!!! First ones to see Bek as a citizen, huh? She too said it was awesome for you all. Praying you come home with M soon as well.

  4. P.S. You both have to have the best, brightest, always smiling pics I have ever seen. You both could be poster models for great teeth!!!