Friday, July 27, 2012

more of Muse!

Two blog posts in one day!  (crazy!) I couldn't resist sharing the newest pictures of Moses that arrived in my inbox this morning. He has grown up so much since we saw him last (sigh...)
But, he's rocking the stone washed skinny jeans (and oversized tee) better than anyone I know.
Rock on, child.
You're one amazing kiddo.


We're still here....still waiting and rejoicing that we're another day, week, and month closer to reuniting with Moses.  It's hard to believe it has been eight weeks since we said goodbye.  We're getting there, friends....we're getting there....

In the meantime we've been blessed beyond measure by sweet friends and co-workers.  Two showers have been thrown in little man's honor (pictures to follow) M's arrival is beginning to feel much more real now that trucks, trikes, and little tikes paraphernalia is tucked away in numerous rooms of our house.

it's a beautiful sight.
Our house is transforming as our hearts prepare for the most exciting part of this journey, yet.

Our case should start moving again, soon.
We're getting close.
I can hardly contain my excitement.
Praying it may only been a few more weeks!

so ready...

such joy.

[pure love].

we're coming, precious child, we're coming. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

real life friends.

we have talked on the phone 
a million times in the last 18 months.
we have shared in each other's joys
fears, and frustrations.
we have cried for one another...
and we have laughed. 
we have prayed fervently for one another
and our sweet ethiopian babes.
we've walked this road together 
from {almost} the beginning.
it's been a whirlwind...
and an honor 
and joy
to walk this journey together. 
{and yet, we had never met}

 last monday our worlds finally collided 
in the dulles international airport. 

with their sweet boy in tote.
it was perfect.

so grateful for you, chase family.
so happy your sweet boy is home.
so privileged to call you friends.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

new pictures!

here are new pictures of Muse 
oh, how he brings us an 
incredible amount of JOY.

a huge thanks to Jen & Trevor for loving on him and 
taking these precious pictures for us!

 LOVE that smile
 and those eyes!