Saturday, June 23, 2012

Muse's Medical

On Thursday we finally heard back from our agency regarding Muse's medical exam.  However, we were told his exam never took place...

...and it wouldn't for another six weeks....

...and then we would have to wait an additional eight weeks for another test to be run...

...and then, our case could be submitted to the US Embassy.

James told me the news over the phone.
We were devastated.
We were confused, frustrated, and.....a mess.

We made phone calls, sent emails, and did more research.

On Friday we heard back from our agency.

The doctor was wrong and the information relayed to our agency was incorrect.

Muse DID have his medical exam.

However, the doctor said we would have to wait for him to finish his current medication (six more weeks) before the TB test portion of his medical exam could take place....and THEN we could be submitted to the US Embassy.

SIX weeks is better than FOURTEEN...'s still feels so far away.
We're waiting for clarification and for our questions to be answered.
Hopefully, we will have answers early next week.

We're so ready to have him back in our arms...

please continue to pray for that miracle.


  1. Oh my Emily.....This sounds like the worst roller coaster EVER. I will continue to pray for you, Jim, and your precious M.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that. I can't imagine how difficult that news is to hear. Be strong, and we'll be praying for you guys!!