Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ethiopia: Day FOUR

Sunday, May 27 2012

The House of Hope is closed to visitors/families on Sundays...although our hearts would have loved to be with M, it gave us the opportunity to explore and meet up with friends from the past. 
We hired a driver and went to the International Evangelical Church.  Sixty two nations are represented at this church and it was a blessing to attend (JUST what my soul needed).  
Words cannot express how GOOD and RIGHT it felt to be was incredible to worship with believers from across the world.  It was such a tangible picture of God's Kingdom here on earth...people from different nations, different tongues, praising our heavenly Father.  Oh, I long to go back....

We met one of my nursing professors from Calvin there...along with her family (and friends!).  It was a joy to reconnect.  They graciously had us over for lunch.  Our time together was beautiful.  We talked of the past, the present...and the future. We ate a delicious home-cooked meal.  We played "Dutch Bingo" and spoke of high school rivalries.  

After we devoured homemade chocolate chip cookies, we met up with a mission team from Liberty University at one of the government run boy's orphanages.  It's "home" to approximately 250 boys, ages 5-20.  The team from Liberty distributed shoes to the "newest" boys.  We simply spent time being present with these boys, who so desperately wanted to be loved.  They grabbed our hands and placed their arms around us.  They asked us to be one of the younger boys "mommy" and "daddy".  (how can you say "no" do you just walk away?).  Memories of this day will forever be engraved into my mind...

After hugs we said our "goodbyes" we went back to our guest home.  Hearts broken...yet, God is at work.  It was a privilege to see the relationships that have been built between my professor and the boys.  Pure redemption... and I felt honored to witness it. 

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