Sunday, May 13, 2012

heaven & a world away.

As I lie on M's bed writing this, tears fall down my face.  Nine months ago, God took you home.  Not a day goes by that I don't miss you, your gentle spirit, laughter, smile and quiet being.

I will be forever grateful for all you taught me during your time on earth.  You were an incredible example of a gracious wife and loving mother.  You prepared me well for this season of life and I could never thank you enough.

You taught me about faith, the importance of family and what really matters in this life.  Mom, you were an incredible example to me...both in your living and in your dying. For in those dark days, it was evident that God's hand was upon you.  There were so many holy moments, Mom and I will forever treasure those quiet times we had together.

Thank you for teaching me to enjoy and savor the simple and good things in life.  I'll never forget the smile that encompassed your face as you enjoyed your last cup of coffee, while in the company of dear, dear friends. Or, how you enjoyed your last meal...a Greek salad from Rose's.  Or, how good it felt to be HOME with the ones your heart loves.

Thank you for teaching me what it looks like to find complete peace in Jesus and trust in His perfect plan.  I'll always treasure the night you came home with hospice.  Remember how the family room was packed full of family and friends and we sang, "Amazing Grace" and "It is Well"?  You joined in singing too... and it was beautiful and heart wrenching and such a testimony to your faith.

Thank you, Mom for preparing me to be a mom for Moses...even before we knew of his existence.  Thank you for the way you supported our adoption with an overflowing amount of joy and love for the one God would place in our family.  I can't believe we're finally going to Ethiopia to meet our sweet boy.  He's incredible, Mom and selfishly I wish you were here to meet him and walk me through this new realm of motherhood.

Yet, my heart is at peace.  Today, the tears may be many...but, it's only because I love you and miss you so much.

Your legacy lives on and your faith continues to inspire.
Happy Mother's Day, Mom.
With all my love,


  1. Praying you through this day-this post is beautiful Emily.

  2. Very beautiful. That is the neat thing about legacies---they live on. Can't wait for you to hold M.