Wednesday, April 18, 2012


****This post was written last night...keep reading for today's update!****

At such a time as this....I'm at a loss for what to pray for.

THIS article is convicting.

Yet, I want to plead to every living thing to pray that the last couple of documents to complete our case will be in the right hands come tomorrow morning.  I want to pray for a miracle and a court date and a quick union with our son and an even faster reunion and homecoming.

But then I am reminded that God is purposeful in our suffering.

He is making us more dependent on Him.

His timing is perfect.

and...He is forever faithful.

Yet, the devil is at work and sneaks in and fills my heart with doubt, frustration, and worry.  I get consumed with dates and "what ifs" and the good, bad and ugly side of this all.  After I finished writing our last post (the one about how good we're doing...)  I endured the five hardest days I've had in a long time.  Feeling weary and exhausted it was hard to function and find joy.

I knew such feelings would be short-lived...


it's hard to think tomorrow is Wednesday.  The week is almost half over and it doesn't feel like we're any closer to traveling to Ethiopia than we were weeks (or even months) ago.

So, I'm asking for prayers.  For God's will to be done...and for us to be at peace with it.  For JOY in mist of the pain.  For God to work in the life of Moses.  For his health.  {and for those last two documents!:) }

May we not ask "why"...but, continue to remind ourselves who God is {wise words from Sunday's sermon}.

*We received word today (Wednesday) that one of the documents was signed, sealed, delivered :)!!!  Only one more document is needed and our case can be submitted to court.  Rejoicing tonight!!!


  1. WHEE!! we are praying, friends! God is sovereign & we know you are in His faithful hands!

  2. How I could have written this post myself a few months ago. It all is still fresh enough that I feel some of your ache and also your joyful relief in the baby steps forward. We continue to pray for you and M every day and look forward to the day the promise of your son is fulfilled. xo

  3. So excited for you guys. Keep the updates coming!