Thursday, April 12, 2012

{more} thoughts on waiting...

I've attempted to write an update a handful of times...and I've thought about writing an update almost everyday since my last.  But, some days it seems too overwhelming to do.  The thought of writing the reality in which we are enduring makes it that much more real.  So, instead...I keep putting it off and occupying my thoughts and mind with more pleasant things.

We haven't been submitted to court...and with it being Holy Week in Ethiopia, things are on-hold.  We once again wait in eager anticipation for the dawn of a new week with hopes that it will be the one.

But, friends....I can honestly say {by the grace of God}, we're doing ok....and the majority of the days we're doing so.much.better than ok.  This is a chapter in our lives that is dedicated to "waiting".   In midst of the waiting I don't want to forget to LIVE and live fully.  Some moments and even's hard-so, so hard.  But, I know and fully believe God is at work.  There is a reason far bigger and far greater than I can comprehend why the wait is long and at times so painful.  I pray that one day when this chapter of waiting is over and another chapter in our lives begin...we'll be different. I pray this time of waiting is molding us into the people God is calling us to be and the parents Moses so desperately needs.

In the past few weeks friends have gone to Ethiopia and loved on our sweet boy.  The recent pictures and videos are incredible.  Y'all he is a RIOT.  A charmer, for sure.  So when I'm down, all I need to to is play the videos of our sweet son blowing us kisses and waving.  Or...playing soccer and dancing a jig.  Or...playing with his beloved little buddy.  HE makes the wait so worth it.

with love,


  1. Thank you for sharing this! It gives me more specific things to pray for you guys beyond just that God would hurry up and bring your sweet baby boy home to you soon!
    All three of you are in my prayers almost daily!

  2. Thanks for the updates--you guys are already terrific parents and Moses is one lucky boy!!! Hoping and praying you get to hold him soon!

  3. Your faith and words continue to amaze me. I am such a whiner. Praying for your family often.