Friday, March 16, 2012

much to be thankful for

Maybe next week will be the week we're finally submitted to court!  Oh, friends I feel like I sound like a broken record!  But, I write tonight with a heart full of gratitude.  The weariness has lifted and once again, peace has been granted.  We were able to talk with our adoption consultant today and the news was uplifting.

Moses is doing great!  He was diagnosed with tuberculosis a month ago and treatment was started then.  Today they reported that his breathing has improved (so much so that he was out running around playing soccer).  He's talking and described as a "happy little boy".  The reassuring news about his health in itself was enough to boost my spirits!

The orphanage director is hopeful that our case will be complete and we will be able to be submitted to court next week (or soon after).  

and...that's our prayer.

So grateful that the sun is shining, birds singing and my soul has found rest once again...  

grace & peace,

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  1. Praying along with you. Am so amazed by your faith. Praying boldly that this is the week.