Tuesday, March 27, 2012

no news, yet...

I've started to write this post numerous times....but, my words are few...for we don't have any news to report...

We've been so blessed by numerous videos and pictures of Moses in the past few days.  Oh, how he has grown!  His sweet smile melts my heart.   Praying for court submission and a court date SOON!

Praying the next post we write is filled with good news {and great joy!}

much love,

Friday, March 16, 2012

much to be thankful for

Maybe next week will be the week we're finally submitted to court!  Oh, friends I feel like I sound like a broken record!  But, I write tonight with a heart full of gratitude.  The weariness has lifted and once again, peace has been granted.  We were able to talk with our adoption consultant today and the news was uplifting.

Moses is doing great!  He was diagnosed with tuberculosis a month ago and treatment was started then.  Today they reported that his breathing has improved (so much so that he was out running around playing soccer).  He's talking and described as a "happy little boy".  The reassuring news about his health in itself was enough to boost my spirits!

The orphanage director is hopeful that our case will be complete and we will be able to be submitted to court next week (or soon after).  

and...that's our prayer.

So grateful that the sun is shining, birds singing and my soul has found rest once again...  

grace & peace,

Thursday, March 15, 2012

still waiting...

I wish I was writing tonight with good news to share...but, we found out today that
we still haven't been submitted to court and it looks like it will be at least another week (or two...)

Friends, tomorrow marks seventeen weeks since we laid eyes on our little guy.  Most days we're enduring this wait with some amount of grace. 

But, then there are days like days like today...days that the tears aren't far off and weariness sets in--relentless in nature.   

It's hard...so, so hard.  Perhaps it's like labor pains...and right now we're in midst of the hardest and darkest hours and days {yet}.  Yet, beauty will rise--we're confident of that and in His perfect plan.  Striving to surrender {and failing miserably today}.

Continuing to pray for a miracle...may not another week pass without court submission.  And, if not...may we be granted an immeasurable amount of peace.

Thanks, friends. We're so grateful for you. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

birthday blessings

I write tonight with a content heart...
It's Sunday night and the work week in Ethiopia will begin shortly.
I'm hopeful that this will be the week...
the week we find out our case has been submitted to court.

We're so ready to meet our sweet boy.
The one who loves dum dum suckers 
and loves to gives hugs. 
{oh, be still my heart}

We are so grateful for your support, friends. 
Thank you for the prayers and for lifting us up.

THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes for Moses and for helping us celebrate his life half way around the world.  We were beyond blessed by all the kind messages and birthday gifts!

This book is amazing. 
It truly is the perfect gift for this household.
It even has pictures of Justin Verlander ;)
love it!
A giraffe and suckers and clothes and Bible...oh my!
So grateful for the sweet family who sent this...
The giraffe has already found a place in his room.

Two sweet boys graciously picked out these toys to send to Moses.
He's going to love them
{the toys AND the friends who sent them!}

We're grateful...so, so grateful.

Here's to hoping we have good news to report SOON!
much love.