Monday, February 6, 2012

reality... hard to embrace today.  News that the courts will be closed until the end of February and our case won't be submitted for at least another two and a half weeks makes me weak in the knees.

With new pictures in hand of our curly hair-bright-eyed boy makes my heart swell with joy and crumble in the realization that more months will pass before we meet.

Praying for a miracle....
...and longing to meet our little guy {who is growing up so fast}.

Please keep praying, friends.
I know tomorrow will be a better day, but right now...the tears are falling and my heart aches....


  1. :( I read the update and all I could think about was you, Jen, and Anne. So sorry.....I will tell you the same thing I told Jen....I continue to hurt, pray, wish, pray, think of, pray, hope, and pray for you daily. I know whatever tough lessons you are having to learn---will benefit others in the future. You are a testimony!

    So sorry about it for you.

  2. Oh Emily, :( I so badly want M to be wrapped in your loving arms ASAP too. I am shedding tears for you as I type. Your journey with M and with your mom over the past year has been heavy. But I hope you find some comfort in the fact that your willingness to share your highs and lows has blessed me countless times! The ripple affect of your journey is probably something that you do not realize but I know how it has blessed me and benefited Meeka and Ben too. As I have been following your blog and praying for you, I read about the book you recommended," The Connected Child", and have started reading it. The first couple of chapters alone has given me a fresh insight into my adopted kids. Thank You, Emily! I know this does not replace having M in your arms but know that YOU are blessing us by sharing this journey! M, Jim, and you are being covered in prayers by all who love you and I believe that M is experiencing God's peace and grace as I pray that you are too! Love you, Mrs. B

  3. so sorry to hear it is going to be longer but so happy to hear the little detail that he has curly hair! ~Bethany

  4. Oh my dear Em, I am weeping with you....I know how your arms must ache....praying for a miracle and trusting in God's perfect timing......he is beautiful, and so loved and prayers, aunt laura

  5. i'm so sorry, sweet friends.
    my heart aches along with you.

  6. So sorry to hear about the delay. I am praying often that God's grace and peace would be mulitplied to both of you and M in the days of waiting.