Thursday, January 19, 2012

choosing joy

The emotional rollercoaster in this journey never ceases to amaze me.
The frustrations are many and the virtue of patience is not my strong suite.
BUT, today....I'm choosing joy.

I'm choosing to find delight in the Lord and His perfect timing.
I am casting my cares on Him and surrendering it all.

It's been over eight weeks since we officially accepted Moses' referral.
We thought we would hear about our court date by now (or miraculously be in Ethiopia).
But, we're not.  We're still here and still praying that day comes soon.
However, today my heart is at peace and it's a beautiful place to be.

While we wait we're staying busy by....

1) trying to learn Amharic (it's so hard!) I've mastered "hi" ...and that's it.

2) reading and trying to prepare our hearts and minds for when M comes home.  we're currently reading: The Connected Child by Karyn Purvis (I'm reading it for the second time and I love it!)  and Orphanology by Tony Merida and Rick Morton

3) preparing M's room

4) learning to cook Ethiopian food (& going out with friends to enjoy Ethiopian cuisine!).  We spent Friday night at a local Ethiopian restaurant and spent time talking with the owner, a sweet older Ethiopian woman.  We shared pictures of Moses and she shared stories of her life back in Ethiopia.  It was a beautiful conversation and we promised to bring M back to see her someday.

5) finding amazing deals on clothing! last night we went to the largest consignment sale ever. it was overwhelming and wonderful and sweet M will now have clothes to wear once he comes home.

Thanks for checking in!  We'll keep you posted...
with love,


  1. I found that choosing joy was a daily thing for me... because patience is also not my strongest quality! May this tough wait be a time of preparation in your heart :)

  2. Emily,

    Oh friend! My heart has been aching for you and the Chases so much the last few days. Praying you hear something SO soon. I love how God is giving you his joy in this wait. I am dying to see precious M.'s picture!!!

  3. Hi Emily, I clicked over from your shirt on it! My family, also, is adopting from ET (dossier in ET, waiting on referral of a 3-5 year old girl). I traveled to ET in 2011 with Ordinary Hero (love the shirt in your header pic, by the way: ) and was forever changed. Good luck to you; praying you receive that court date soon.

  4. Come on court dates! Patience is not my strongest quality either and not sure how many more weeks I can take not having that court date! Hopefully it will be soon.