Wednesday, November 30, 2011

what's next?

We're anxiously waiting to hear that our paperwork is in Ethiopia!!!

After it arrives it will be translated and submitted to the courts for review.  In approximately 2-3 months we will be assigned a court date.  We'll travel to Ethiopia for court and to meet, cuddle, and love on Moses.  The trip will be way too short for our liking {3-4 days}, but it will ultimately bring us one step closer to bringing home our sweet boy.

After that....more waiting.  It will most likely be a couple of months later that we'll have an embassy date and get to return to the land we already love, to the boy who is already a part of us, and bring him HOME!

We're anticipating Moses won't be home for 6 months {yet, we're hopeful it will be sooner}

While we wait....

we're praying for wisdom
we're praying for patience
we're praying for health for M
we're praying for a miracle {for a court date while Jim is on a break from school the first 3 weeks in Jan.}
we're praying for the paperwork
we're praying we may pass court while in ET
we're praying for the nannies caring for Moses and Bek {and all the other ethiopian babes!}
we're praying that God may prepare Moses' heart for the crazy road ahead
we're praying that He may prepare us for the hardest part yet, in our journey.

will you join us on our knees?

{right before we mailed off our paperwork on 11/21 saying
 "YES!" to Moses!}

With much love,
em & jim


  1. Know what's crazy...the devotions James and I do together asked the question tonight about which of our friends and family could use prayer. You guys and Moses were at the top of my list. :) So know that we are both praying for you.

  2. I just discovered your blog. We are in a similar stage with our adoption from Ethiopia. We have our referral and are waiting to be submitted to court. If you'd like to swap questions or get support I started a secret and private Facebook group with a couple other moms in the same position as we are in, I d love for you to join us, friend me as Rachel Silla miller (you can unfriendly me once I add you to the group)

    I hope our boys can come home soon!