Tuesday, November 22, 2011

referral day

Oh, friends--what a blessing to see pictures of our little guy!  It makes the wait so worth it.  Joy certainly comes in the morning and after a year with much heartache and sorrow, little Moses brings so much joy.

Here is how our story unfolds, our story as a family....

On Monday, November 14, 2011 our dear friends, received their referral.  We knew we were next in line for a boy (everyone in front of us was waiting for a girl or siblings!)  We held our breath all week.  On Friday, November 18, I went to a meeting at work and as I drove home I prayed--out loud.  I thanked God that He already knew who our child was.  He knew the gender, the age, and his/her life story.  As I quickly approached a red light near our house I prayed, "Lord...if we don't receive our referral today..."  (it was going to conclude with me pleading for PATIENCE).  However, I never got the words out.  At that exact moment my phone rang.  It was our adoption consultant with THE CALL that we have long awaited.  As I stopped at a red light, she told me she had our referral.  I started shaking.  She put me on hold and attempted to get Jim on the line (it was the longest minute ever).  Unfortunately, he was leading a meeting and didn't answer.  I couldn't wait--so without further ado, she told me the details.

I scribbled down notes and ran inside the house to grab our camera and call Jim.  He answered, I screamed....and then I told him the news.  The email with his pictures would be sitting in our inbox momentarily....we agreed to open the email together.

I jumped in the car and drove to his school.  I raced inside and met him in his classroom--his arms wide open.  We embraced in a hug and ran to the computer for a glimpse of our SON!

It was incredible to see his face---his huge brown eyes--and his super long eyelashes. It was truly love at first sight!

So, sweet boy, we love you with all that we are. We're humbled at the opportunity to be your parents.  We're praying for you, sweet child.  May the arms of Jesus hold you tight, as with each passing day, we're one step closer to holding you in ours.  Sweet dreams, tonight, Moses Kai....we love you.

{opening the email!}

a slightly blurry picture after we saw his face!
{we were shaking too much to hold the camera still!}


  1. beautiful beautiful story Emily!
    I am so very very happy for you :)

  2. YAY!!! So excited to read this amazing news! You know I want to see those pictures...we might have to meet for coffee so I can hear the details and see that little face! =)

  3. i love it, i love it!!! so sweet. so exciting. so amazing the ways the Lord works.

  4. Seriously? True story? God is so awesome!!!! Can't wait till you get to see Moses face to face.

  5. awwwww, what a lucky little boy! so happy for you guys :)

  6. LOVE IT!! I'm so excited for you two!