Sunday, September 11, 2011

It Is Well With My Soul

I never imagined that 36 hours after posting my previous post we would be flying home to Michigan and my life would change, forever.

Three weeks ago today, my mom passed away.  She was surrounded by family and friends and we held onto her and each other as she passed from this world into the arms of Jesus.

My mom was ready to go.  She approached death with an incredible amount of peace and joy (and even humor).  It was a complete honor to care for her at home during her last days on this earth.  It was one of the most beautiful and heart wrenching moments of my life.

She was one our biggest supporters, especially in our adoption.  If/when I get caught up thinking about the future, the pain is too much to bear.  The older I get the more I have realized how much I need my mom, now more than ever.  The tears swell and I need to remember just to know that God will grant me the grace and mercy I need to make it through the day and the days to come.

It's almost impossible to think about our adoption right now.  Things have slowed waaaaay down in Ethiopia and our agency hasn't had any referrals for months.  For you friends, who are waiting, I pray your referral comes fast.  But, truthfully I'm ok with the wait, because I can't imagine becoming a mom right now.  It hurts too bad.  But, I trust and will continue to trust in God's perfect timing.  I pray He will prepare my heart and mind for what is to come.

I hope to write more later and I will try to update our blog more frequently--but, tonight I leave you with this, words from my devotional this morning.  with love and peace, em

Abraham was tested for a very long time, but he was richly rewarded. The Lord tested him by delaying the fulfillment of His promise.  Satan tested him through temptation, and people tested him through their jealousy, distrust, and opposition to him.  Sarah tested him through her worrisome temperament.  Yet he patiently endured, not questioning God's truthfulness and power or doubting God's faithfulness and love. Instead, Abraham submitted to God's divine sovereignty and infinite wisdom.  And he was silent through many delays, willing to wait for the Lord's timing.   Having patiently endured, he then obtained the fulfillment of the promise.

Beloved, God's promises can never fail to be accomplished, and those who patiently wait can never be disappointed, for believing faith leads to realization.  Abraham's life condemns a spirit of hastiness, admonishes those who complain, commends those who are patient, and encourages quiet submission to God's will and way.

Remember, Abraham was tested but he patiently waited, ultimately received what was promised, and was satisfied.  If you will imitate his example, you will share the same blessing. 

(Streams in the Desert by L.B. Cowman)


  1. Oh my goodness Emily! I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. Prayers to you and your family. She'll always be watching down on you and she will be celebrating when you do bring home a little one! Blessings. ♥ Jodi

  2. emily, i can't even imagine the pain you are going through right now. sending so many prayers and so much love your way.

  3. Oh, sweet Emily...please know that I continue to pray for peace and grace for you daily. I'm praying that your soul finds rest in Christ's hands through your grieving. Love you, friend.

  4. Em...No one knows how someone else feels about losing their moms, but I do know a little about how much you feel like you need your mom. Who is going to tell you what to do when you get your little one home? Who will give you the advice you need in the middle of the night when your baby just won't go to sleep. Who will reassure you like none other that you will be a great and wonderful mom, and that you can do it? Know that I pray for you, and share in some of these questions with you. Love you sister :)

  5. I think about and you pray for you all the time my dear friend. I love you and will continue to pray for God's peace and comfort to sustain you. I wish I could give you a big hug! love you.

  6. Em,
    I am encouraged and I admire your trust in the Lord during this difficult time. When I was going through each of my miscarriages, I literally would cry out to God and cling to the Bible asking for some encouragement and peace. It would come EVERY time. He will give us peace that passes all of our understanding and everyone elses. Cling to him!!!