Wednesday, September 28, 2011

feeling a little....

weary? frustrated? confused?

ah, yes.  I feel like we've hit an all time low in our adoption.  A year ago I never thought we would hit this point....and I secretly vowed I would never write those kind of blogs.

but, i feel Satan creeping in.

perhaps it's because we have been at a standstill with no referrals for over 12 weeks...
and part of me is leary that this will ever happen....

it seems so surreal.
we're so close---yet it feels years away  (i'm the inpatient one)

perhaps you can say a little prayer for my heart...and my attitude.
and for God to be close and incredible real to me right now.
i need it and HIM so bad.

BUT, we do have exciting news....our dear friends, Rachel & Doug just announced they are adopting from Ethiopia!!!!  My heart bursts with joy for them (& for future play dates!)  Congrats, friends.  So, so, so excited for y'all!

that's life. incredibly real...raw emotions and all.
grateful His mercies are new every morning.
with love,


  1. You are on the "For this I have JESUS" board at school Love Mick

  2. Praying for you, friends. I can't remember who said this to me - but it was someone who was in the adoption process, and when they were accepted to their program, their contact person said, "welcome to the best and worst times of your life." I'm going to forward you a message I got from one of my student's parents who adopted...

  3. p.s. - thanks for the shout-out! we are excited for playdates too!!!

  4. So excited to have met you recently Emily! Adoption is hard but all this wait will be worth it in the end. Sending out a prayer that we both hear good news soon!