Saturday, June 25, 2011

more than eggs.

We were on a mission this morning.
The destination: a small farmer's market at North Hills shopping center.
The goal: to find a local farmer selling eggs.

{We watched Food, Inc last week & it has changed our life}

As we were talking with the nice lady behind the booth about the eggs and her farm, I spotted a tent--brightly colored and quite inviting. The sign read, "Cupcake Kids". I've read about this amazing organization before within the world of adoption blogs. {This incredible organization raises money for the imprisoned children in Africa by selling cupcakes.} After we finished our conversation with the nice farm lady, we headed over.

Right away the guy behind the booth started talking to us about this organization. When he paused I quickly explained that I was somewhat familiar with it as we're in the midst of adopting from Ethiopia...

He replied...."We are too."

We talked to him & his wife for quite awhile.
We talked of adoption, adoption support groups in Raleigh, their recent trip to ET to meet their sweet daughter, church, our "stories" and so much more.

We walked away with huge smiles. Really, God?!?

Today was about so much more than a dozen eggs.
Finding an adoption community of believers in Raleigh has been heavy on my heart.

And, God met us right where we were--at little farmer's market, right here in North Raleigh.
The road of adoption isn't always easy. At times the wait is grueling, but it's moments like these that I can't help but praise God, for He is at work---He has heard our prayers and in His time, His perfect time, they are being answered.

So, Hemphill Family---it was a pleasure meeting you. Your little girl is adorable. You've already blessed our life in big ways. We'll be praying you through as you wait to to bring your little one home!

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  1. Oh made me cry!! There have been so many times in this last year that the Lord has put someone in my path just when I needed them. I can't believe He is now using us to do that for other families. This adoption journey is just one blessing after another! I am so glad He allowed our paths to cross and I look forward to getting to know you guys better. Maybe you can come over for dinner one night...that would be so much fun!