Saturday, May 14, 2011

looking back...

This post was written on Monday, May 9. It's a glimpse into how God has opened our hearts and an act of surrender--a glimpse into how we got to where we are today & why...

Something happened Thursday night {May 5, 2011} that has and will forever change our adoption journey.

We surrendered everything to God.

Our hearts were stirred. For the past nine months we've been envisioning an adoption of an infant. Talk of cribs, diapers, and baby carriers entered into conversation from time to time. It just seemed natural. We're young and have no biological children-yet. Adopting a baby seemed fitting.

We started to feel a stirring a couple of months ago and we took action to include special needs and change our age preference to 0-5yrs old. Our eyes were opened to the greatest need of adoption in Ethiopia--"older" children and those with special needs. Our home study was amended and just last week we sent off our paperwork to USCIS. We wanted to make our age range as wide as possible-knowing we could narrow down our age preferences within our own agency.

We told our agency 0-2 1/2 years old. That's what we felt comfortable with.

I think God laughed.

For Thursday he started stirring in our hearts even more.

There's a little boy on our agency's waitlist. He's been there for six months. His smile penetrates our hearts and we're hearing God whispering for us to take action.

This sweet boy is almost four.
God is stretching us beyond what we ever imagined....and right where He wants us to be.
We want to meet the need--where the need is....which for us, right now, means a three year old little boy without a family in Ethiopia.

So, tonight we have a conference call with our agency about this little boy-whose face we cannot get out of our minds. We'll review his file and pray without ceasing that God gives us clarity.

Our biggest prayer has and will be that God's will will be done.

We want to surrender it all....and see where He leads.


  1. I'm really excited for you guys!

  2. We are so thrilled about this! Way to listen to God! You are loved!

  3. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing, Amazing! I love your posts and more importantly your obedience to God! BLESSINGS Emily and Jim!