Wednesday, May 18, 2011

looking ahead...

Updates have become difficult to write. It's become challenging to put my thoughts, feelings and emotions into words. It's all so surreal. We have a picture of an adorable little guy--and we know he is ours--we're family, yet I don't know if my mind can fully grasp the concept until he is home, with us. I cannot wait for the day I can wrap my arms around him. I pray he likes to cuddle :)....this momma's heart needs that.

We are waiting and praying for a quick court date. We're anticipating it will be in approximately three months {we're praying it will be sooner!}. We'll meet our little man on our first trip, but we won't be able to bring him home until our second trip {hopefully five weeks or less after the first}. However, the courts in Ethiopia typically close for a month around August or September--so, we shall see :)

Soooo.....maybe Zeke will be home in October or November? It's definitely just a guess! Regardless-it will definitely be the best Thanksgiving--ever.

We're staying busy so once Z's home our life can come to a standstill and revolve around him. That alone keeps us going...

Oh. my...I can hardly contain my excitement!

Thanks for the outpouring of love & support--for the kind words and encouragement. We continue to plead for prayers as we wait and prepare to bring Zeke home.

Thanks, friends.

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