Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Today it hurts. I worked all day yesterday and the fast pace of labor and delivery kept my mind occupied. Today is my day off. My family is here, although we're busy with house projects--my mind keeps wandering.

There were more referrals given out with our agency yesterday. Although I am overjoyed for the families, there's an ache deep within my heart and the sting of the pain is so real.

We don't doubt that God is in control or that He is at work in midst of this all.
But, today it hurts and the tears are many.

Adoption seemed so simple nine months ago.
What a journey it has been....

We're learning to let go of our dreams and learning to take each day at a time.

I cannot thank you enough for the kind words and prayers. We never imagined this is how our story would go. Although the journey hurts so bad right now, we have no doubt it will be so worth it.

blessings tonight & always,


  1. We've never met, but I'm thinking of you both. Take care.

  2. I have kept the two of you in my nightly prayers since I heard the horrible news. Hold on to each other and the promise of the future and the child that God has chosen just for the two of you! xo