Thursday, April 28, 2011

the marathon...

I started running again last night, for the first time in months.

And as I ran I pondered life-for many have compared the adoption process to a marathon.

I've been to the Chicago marathon a couple of times-cheering on friends who are dear to my heart. I love watching the crowds-spectators-paramedics-and runners alike. I love watching the joy and excitement that fills the air at the starting line. I love watching the elite runners-who run with such ease and grace. I love standing at the finish line and watching runners cross and collapse in the arms of loved ones. I love the smell of sweat and the endurance behind it. I love witnessing such a physically demanding and inspiring story unfold....

It's such a beautiful thing, but it doesn't go without difficulties. The training is grueling. The mental game is half the battle. The road is long and weather unpredictable.

And, that's exactly how I feel these days about our adoption. Some weeks are easier than others. Some days the finish line feels like a moving target-with no end in sight. Some days I am filled with complete peace and most days this all feels surreal.

So,we're still here...still waiting and still relying on God as He writes our story.
{thanks for checking in.}

and we're rejoicing tonight because:
we're officially #26!!!

thanks for being our cheering section.
life is more fun when we do it together.

blessings tonight & always.


  1. hooray! good luck with the training & we're continuing to pray as you wait for your son! :)

  2. Ahhhh friend. I can completely relate to the marathon analogy. It gives me chills though just thinking about the celebration that we will all have when we each cross the finish line. I can't wait to celebrate with you!

  3. Training is hard work! We continue to pray for you daily. It is exciting to know that God's timing is PERFECT!!