Thursday, March 10, 2011

Red Recycled Tee Necklace

Red Recycled Tee Necklace

This fun necklace is called "VALENTINE." 

It was made from recycled t-shirts. It's flowy strands create a cool layered effect.
This is a hip piece for the upcoming spring and summer! A great eco-friendly way to jazz up your wardrobe.
This necklace stretches to fit over your head - it has a lot of "give" to it.
The strips of the necklace may have little frays and cuts in them - which gives each necklace it's unique character. 
Made by: 

minimal bid: $7


  1. Sorry Becky, this is really cute! $10 - amy wood

  2. Sorry, Amy. This is PERFECT for a friend of mine. $12 Becky