Monday, February 7, 2011

keeping it real.

today's thoughts...

>Jim said I'm going to win the prize for patience in this adoption journey. My husband is one of the most patient people I know. best compliment ever.

>Our pastor kept referencing how we've been adopted by God in his sermon yesterday ...this has a whole new meaning to me, and it makes my eyes swell with tears.

>If we could sell the rest of our t-shirts [39 left!] and complete our puzzle [60 more pieces!] along with the extra money from tutoring and babysitting....we'll have all the funds needed for our referral fee!!! [$8,235]

>We're working on our next fundraiser to help raise the funds needed to travel to Ethiopia twice [approximately $10-12K]

>We're hoping to host a golf tournament in MICHIGAN this summer. We hope to start collecting prizes and sponsors. We cannot do this without the help and support of y'all. Please let us know if you have connections or prizes you wish to donate.

>I like change. I want a new name & template for our adoption blog. Anyone have any ideas?! [ahem, Rachel...?!]

>I'm off to purchase a t-shirt from these cute people , for our little guy. He won't be able to wear it for awhile, but I'm totally ok with that. :)
On the back it says...
"Life's most urgent questions is this: What are you doing for others?" ~ MLK.
love it.

signing off for now.


  1. Ah! Thanks for promoting our shirt again and for purchasing one! That is SO wonderful of you. I included you guys in a huge Support Adoption post and mentioned your shirt and puzzle. Praying you get the remaining amount that you need for your referral fee!

    I was looking back through my Paypal account and can't find record of buying a puzzle piece from you guys! I thought I did... do you know? If not, let me know because I definitely want to!

  2. I wish we were closer too! :) I think we would be great "Real" friends!

    I just bought a puzzle piece. I'm sorry! I thought I had already done that!

  3. We're two referrals closer this week!! :) Guess that makes you guys 44...we're getting close to entering the 30s!! :)

    Hope you all have a great weekend.