Monday, February 14, 2011

coming up next...

I'm ecstatic to announce our next fundraiser!!!

Coming in March...

We're having an online auction
to help bring our little one home!!!
{thanks for the inspiration, Chase Family!}

We have an incredible list of items donated so far,
but, we need YOUR help
for this auction to be a success!

Do you sew?
Make jewelry?

or have a public service that you want to donate ?
{photography, babysitting, cooking, etc}

or do you sell Pampered Chef? 31-Gifts? Lia Sophia?
or other fun products that you would be willing to donate?!

OR, do you KNOW of someone who does?!

if so, PLEASE leave a comment with your email address and I'll email you with
more information.
We would love to advertise your shop or etsy store!

Just a foretaste of what is coming your way:

A Wedding Photography Package from

by Sebastian Seven

I'm giddy to watch this fundraiser evolve!

more details and dates to come...

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