Friday, February 4, 2011

with love from ethiopia.

We're moving down on the wait list!
....I think we may be #46 now!?

Movement has been slow this month,

God is good
and faithful
and He has granted us patience
[which is a HUGE answer to prayer, for those of you who know me!]
and busy lives to keep us preoccupied.

And, while we wait....
I thought I would pass on a link to
[which are hand-made in Ethiopia!!!]

for more information.

By purchasing the scarves, you help to create
sustainable business for women in

I own one.
LOVE it.
and hope to purchase another soon
[fun new colors and free purchasing on Monday, Feb. 7!!!]

repeat picture, just imagine it read #46!
but, it's the only picture i have of my scarf...
[have i mentioned how much i love it?!]


  1. Emily, you are one of the most adorable people ever!... Just thought you should know :)

    I am sad I only was able to meet you once before Jim graduated!

  2. Hi Emily,

    Referrals have been SO SLOW, it's crazy! I have a friend who is at one of CHI's four orphanages now and she said that there are babies there that have been there for months just waiting on their paperwork to be complete so that they can be referred, pray that paperwork is completed soon and things pick-up. We're in the wait with you :)


  3. can't wait until you get that phone call!! i cant wait to see a photo of your little guy!