Sunday, February 27, 2011


Our friends,
Toney-Paite & Skylar
have their own band called,

{click HERE to listen!}

We're privileged to know & love these
sweet sisters.

Last night, they put on a concert in their home to benefit our adoption.
They are incredible.

Their talent and hearts are amazing.

All donations and proceeds from their cd sales
went towards our adoption.

We're incredibly grateful
and humbled.
and in awe of their talent!!!!
{they are so much cooler than we were in middle school!}

THANK YOU Toney-Paite, Skylar & Phillips Family!!!
A huge thank you to those who came out to the concert too.
We so grateful for your love & support.
the performance

Us with Sorelle!!!

our dear friends, John & Kristin drove from Fayetteville
to rock out at the concert with us.
{thank you, Germanceris!}

These women mean the world to me.

me & Amy

and Emme!

oh, how i love weekends spent with good friends & good music..
{and gorgeous weather!}

Friday, February 25, 2011

moving up!

After another referral today,
I think we're
we're so close to being in the 30's
{and for some reason, that feels so good...}

happy weekend, y'all!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

learning to wait.

Often people ask how our adoption is going

or if there is any "news"

or when we'll get our sweet boy


it's going better than we ever imagined.

we have been overwhelmed with God's grace

and the gracious hearts of so many.

we're just waiting....

and our hearts are content.

Praise Him,
for He is good
and His mercies are new
every morning.

great is His faithfulness.
{Lamentations 3}

"Waiting doesn't equate to idleness. Invest in the wait; don't waste it."
words from an adoptive family
{Eric & Mitzie Tibbets}

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another Sneak Peak!

More amazing donations!!!
Spread the word,
grab our button,
share the love!

Seeds of Praise cd!
{which mamas like this one rave about!!!}

Mama Bird Nest Necklace

Beautiful Large Clutch

We couldn't do this without the love & support of y'all!
If you're still interested in donating an item, please let me know!

MARCH 11-18.

It's going to be incredible!


it will bring us one step closer to bringing
our sweet babe home!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Puzzle Results: WEEK 26!

21 puzzle pieces were added this week!
{only 24 pieces remain!!!}
We're so close!!!!

i'm speechless.
{and forever grateful}


Monday, February 21, 2011

Adoption Auction UPDATE!

I'm so grateful for the generous hearts of individuals and companies who have donated items for our auction. Tears of pure gratitude have flooded my eyes morning after morning as I woke to emails with more donations, most from strangers.

I'm completely giddy with excitement for all the
AMAZING items that will be auctioned off.

So, mark your calendars...
the auction will kick off
{details pending...}

Ready for another foretaste of what is coming?!?!

love, love, LOVE this bag
{definitely going to have to buy my own before our little one is home!}

Thanks, Maranda!

Or, how about this...

Thank you Nicole!

Or this one...
love it!

more to come...
stay tunned!

Monday, February 14, 2011

coming up next...

I'm ecstatic to announce our next fundraiser!!!

Coming in March...

We're having an online auction
to help bring our little one home!!!
{thanks for the inspiration, Chase Family!}

We have an incredible list of items donated so far,
but, we need YOUR help
for this auction to be a success!

Do you sew?
Make jewelry?

or have a public service that you want to donate ?
{photography, babysitting, cooking, etc}

or do you sell Pampered Chef? 31-Gifts? Lia Sophia?
or other fun products that you would be willing to donate?!

OR, do you KNOW of someone who does?!

if so, PLEASE leave a comment with your email address and I'll email you with
more information.
We would love to advertise your shop or etsy store!

Just a foretaste of what is coming your way:

A Wedding Photography Package from

by Sebastian Seven

I'm giddy to watch this fundraiser evolve!

more details and dates to come...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Puzzle Results: WEEKS 22-25!

Last week 17 puzzle pieces were sponsored,
which brings us to a total of 955 pieces!!!!
THANK YOU, friends.
what a humbling sight.

{a special thanks to other adoption families that we have "met" along this journey.
thanks for giving of yourselves to help us reach our goal,
all while trying to raise funds for yours}

we're so grateful.

Monday, February 7, 2011

keeping it real.

today's thoughts...

>Jim said I'm going to win the prize for patience in this adoption journey. My husband is one of the most patient people I know. best compliment ever.

>Our pastor kept referencing how we've been adopted by God in his sermon yesterday ...this has a whole new meaning to me, and it makes my eyes swell with tears.

>If we could sell the rest of our t-shirts [39 left!] and complete our puzzle [60 more pieces!] along with the extra money from tutoring and babysitting....we'll have all the funds needed for our referral fee!!! [$8,235]

>We're working on our next fundraiser to help raise the funds needed to travel to Ethiopia twice [approximately $10-12K]

>We're hoping to host a golf tournament in MICHIGAN this summer. We hope to start collecting prizes and sponsors. We cannot do this without the help and support of y'all. Please let us know if you have connections or prizes you wish to donate.

>I like change. I want a new name & template for our adoption blog. Anyone have any ideas?! [ahem, Rachel...?!]

>I'm off to purchase a t-shirt from these cute people , for our little guy. He won't be able to wear it for awhile, but I'm totally ok with that. :)
On the back it says...
"Life's most urgent questions is this: What are you doing for others?" ~ MLK.
love it.

signing off for now.

Friday, February 4, 2011

with love from ethiopia.

We're moving down on the wait list!
....I think we may be #46 now!?

Movement has been slow this month,

God is good
and faithful
and He has granted us patience
[which is a HUGE answer to prayer, for those of you who know me!]
and busy lives to keep us preoccupied.

And, while we wait....
I thought I would pass on a link to
[which are hand-made in Ethiopia!!!]

for more information.

By purchasing the scarves, you help to create
sustainable business for women in

I own one.
LOVE it.
and hope to purchase another soon
[fun new colors and free purchasing on Monday, Feb. 7!!!]

repeat picture, just imagine it read #46!
but, it's the only picture i have of my scarf...
[have i mentioned how much i love it?!]

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

while we wait...

It's amazing how people we have never met, due to similar circumstances,
become like family. I find myself engulfed in their story and journey. I find myself praying for court dates and fundraisers, not only for ourselves, but for our new found "friends", some of which I want to introduce you to. So, without further ado, please meet...

The Shubin's! This family is adopting their second kiddo from Ethiopia. They are selling super sweet t-shirts to raise the rest of the money needed to travel to meet their precious daughter. ONLY 16 more shirts are needed to pay for their first trip. Will you consider purchasing one?! [I have one and Jim's is on it's, love, love them!]

The Chase Family! This family has a special place in our hearts! They too are adopting through Children's Hope International and are directly in front of us on the wait list. We secretly pray we'll be able to travel together to meet our children [they are adopting a sibling set of TWO.] They are hosting an online adoption auction through Feb. 4. There are some ridiculously cute
items up for bidding... go take a look!

The Habuda's! Matt & Sarah are taking part in the "Recycle Love" campaign. It's a fundraiser event that another adoptive family set up. They receive $10 for every shirt sold...AND whatever family sells the most shirts receive an additional $500. Go HERE to read more.

Check back later for the latest on our puzzle! Still interested in sponsoring a piece?! We have 60-something pieces without a name and we would love to have yours included! [I'm getting giddy to see the finished product AND the back with all of the names...what an incredible sight that will be!]

with love and grace,