Thursday, December 30, 2010


We received the email yesterday,
and it read...

"You're now a waiting family!!!"

We are overjoyed and eager for the next phase of this journey.

2011 is going to be one of anticipation & patience!

We're #48 on the waiting list!

Happy New Year, y'all!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Puzzle Results: WEEK 18!

Another 41 puzzle pieces were added this week!
The puzzle is over 84% complete!

what a beautiful sight.

praying that by next Christmas
our little guy will be home,
with us.

what a sweet miracle that would be.

with love.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

beautiful day.

Here are a couple of pictures I've received via email this week.

Thank you, dear friends for your support!

[matt, that is...and the snow too!]
thanks for bearing the cold for us, friend!


These pictures mean the world to me!
What a joy it is to travel this journey with the love & support of friends & family.

Thanks, guys!
Keep the pictures coming!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

DC Bound!

Our dossier was reviewed by our agency and we "officially" heard on Monday that everything looked great! ...we just had to wait until TODAY for it to be sent to DC [the courier only comes on Thursdays.]

Once in DC it will be authenticated and bundled, then sent back to our agency. Once our agency receives it we will become a waiting family!!!!

music to my ears.

We hope to be at that point in a couple of weeks...
[maybe a little longer-due to the holidays]

We'll update when we hear more, until then...

Happy 2011!

with love,

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Puzzle Results: WEEK 17!

After adding this week's sponsored pieces,
we sat back, speechless.
We're in complete awe & gratitude.

Just over 4 months ago we started out on this quest.
Four months ago we put together the first two pieces of the puzzle.
They read, "mom" & "dad".

And today, over 60 names of individuals and families have been added.
It truly is a beautiful sight.

152 puzzle pieces were added THIS week!
804 pieces sponsored to date!


Monday, December 20, 2010

I'll be home for Christmas...

....if only in my dreams.

We won't be home [in Michigan!] for Christmas on December 25...

BUT, we are going home in early January.

If you would like a hand-delivered ONE-LESS t-shirt, we would love to see you & put one in your possession. Come on, dear Dutch will save you $3 in shipping! :)
LOVE this picture of a fellow Spring Arbor grad [and friend!]
supporting baby h, while pregnant with their first!

Oh, and how I love this little guy [and his family]
like crazy. How it made my heart sing to get this picture
on my phone!

Will you consider helping US
as we long to change the life for ONE [or 2, or 3... :) ]

We have 45 shirts left.
for $20 one can be YOURS.

Thanks, friends.

ALSO, our dossier has been APPROVED by our adoption agency. It will be sent to WASHINGTON DC on Thursday!

Rejoicing, again tonight.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Signed Sealed Delivered...

Ah! I can't believe we're finally able to post this! Today has arrived, at last!

Tonight our paper chase came to an end. It's been just under four months since we submitted our application to our adoption agency and tonight we mailed in our dossier!!!

In just over 24 hours our adoption agency should be receiving the [large] stack of papers. The first lag in this journey has [almost] come to an end. The last four months have flown by. We've been stretched, challenged, frustrated, overjoyed, and blessed in more ways than we can express.

And, tonight....we're grinning ear to ear, with champagne in hand!

Here are a few pictures from today...

Our kitchen table.
Documents County Certified AND State Authenticated.
Hooray for snow days and a completed dossier!!!

And, in a later post I'll write about our amazing FedEx story. God works in crazy ways!

With MUCH joy,

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Puzzle Results: WEEKS 15 & 16!

34 puzzle pieces were added tonight!!!

652 puzzle pieces have been sponsored.
What an incredible gift knowing
people are praying us through this journey.

Your generous hearts inspire us.
$3,260 has been raised with the puzzle, alone.
[which is almost the amount needed to submit our dossier!]

We still need to get all of our documents county certified
and state authenticated,
THEN we get to mail in our dossier!
[hopefully this week!]

We'll keep you posted!

Love, Em

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Present & Accounted For!

Every document is in hand [even the before-mentioned approval from citizen and immigration, which came TODAY!]

All of our paperwork has been faxed to our adoption agency for approval!!!

Our [


\ˈdȯs-ˌyā, ˈdäs-; ˈdȯ-sē-ˌā, ˈdä-\
which is, a file containing detailed records on a particular person or subject
>[merriam webster dictionary]
is almost complete!
[we still have to get the documents county certified and state authenticated...which we hope to do tomorrow & Monday]

Praise God.
just wanted to pass on our good news.
Here's to hoping that our paperwork passes the first time around!
much LOVE.

Friday, December 3, 2010

birthday surprise.

Yesterday marked my 27th birthday!

And, it was TWO days after our fingerprinting appointment.
[see previous post]

Just for fun I thought I would call to see when we
may hear about our approval letter [I-171H] from immigration and citizenship.
[the LAST document we need before we mail in our dossier!]

It can take weeks or months to hear back.
[we were expecting six weeks or so]

Well, I personally spoke with the officer who was processing our case.
She said she would have it done by
the end of the day!!!

We should be receiving that coveted piece of paper in the mail next week!!!

[The officer probably thought I was crazy, I kept thanking her and blabbing on how she made my day!]

So, we're scurrying around today to finish paperwork on our end.

What a perfect birthday gift!