Sunday, December 12, 2010

Puzzle Results: WEEKS 15 & 16!

34 puzzle pieces were added tonight!!!

652 puzzle pieces have been sponsored.
What an incredible gift knowing
people are praying us through this journey.

Your generous hearts inspire us.
$3,260 has been raised with the puzzle, alone.
[which is almost the amount needed to submit our dossier!]

We still need to get all of our documents county certified
and state authenticated,
THEN we get to mail in our dossier!
[hopefully this week!]

We'll keep you posted!

Love, Em


  1. Love it!! I just replied to your comment on my blog - here's what I said - plus maybe we should do a shirt trade for one. :) Let me know. :)

    From my blog comment....

    I'm not sure if you ordered or not BUT the mens T in Olive - I'm out of the size L (I have it in XL and I will be getting more in around the first of the year) and I DO have the bright aqua in womens but its the fitted T - not slim - if you want unisex small I'd get the fitted M and its the same size. :)

  2. Hey, Emily!

    Two things...first, do you mind me asking where you got your puzzle? I am thinking about doing one to work on raising that $11,000 for our sibling set referral fee when that time comes (pretty freaked out about that amount!!)
    Secondly, I know you are way on the ball, and, therefore probably already know this, but in case you hadn't run across this one, here is a grant for NC adoptive couples:

  3. Love the puzzle! so much progress! Can't wait to see you guys! cb