Thursday, December 9, 2010

Present & Accounted For!

Every document is in hand [even the before-mentioned approval from citizen and immigration, which came TODAY!]

All of our paperwork has been faxed to our adoption agency for approval!!!

Our [


\ˈdȯs-ˌyā, ˈdäs-; ˈdȯ-sē-ˌā, ˈdä-\
which is, a file containing detailed records on a particular person or subject
>[merriam webster dictionary]
is almost complete!
[we still have to get the documents county certified and state authenticated...which we hope to do tomorrow & Monday]

Praise God.
just wanted to pass on our good news.
Here's to hoping that our paperwork passes the first time around!
much LOVE.

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  1. That is awesome news! We will continue to keep you in our prayers for a speedy process!