Monday, December 20, 2010

I'll be home for Christmas...

....if only in my dreams.

We won't be home [in Michigan!] for Christmas on December 25...

BUT, we are going home in early January.

If you would like a hand-delivered ONE-LESS t-shirt, we would love to see you & put one in your possession. Come on, dear Dutch will save you $3 in shipping! :)
LOVE this picture of a fellow Spring Arbor grad [and friend!]
supporting baby h, while pregnant with their first!

Oh, and how I love this little guy [and his family]
like crazy. How it made my heart sing to get this picture
on my phone!

Will you consider helping US
as we long to change the life for ONE [or 2, or 3... :) ]

We have 45 shirts left.
for $20 one can be YOURS.

Thanks, friends.

ALSO, our dossier has been APPROVED by our adoption agency. It will be sent to WASHINGTON DC on Thursday!

Rejoicing, again tonight.

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