Wednesday, November 17, 2010

why we do what we do.

...the ramblings of my heart.

My eyes have been opened to the devastating statistics of Ethiopia, and orphans worldwide.
The reality of the number of children without a family or a home is haunting.

The need is great.
There are over 147 MILLION orphans worldwide, a number far too great to comprehend.

I know God has called us to adopt. I whole heartedly believe this is HIS will for our lives.
I know some people question our heart's desire. They don't understand why.

But, the more I learn, the more my heart aches. I simply cannot turn away...

Because, My life is not my own.
I belong to my faithful Savior.
AND, this world is not all about me.

I want to be passionate about what my Father is passionate about.
I want to be moved into action over social injustices that cause Him pain.
I want my heart to be in tune with my Jesus.

I wish in the 21st century we could find a way to cure AIDS, illness, poverty & clean drinking water was in plenty. I wish there wasn't a need for adoption, simply because every child already had a home AND a family.

However, today...that is not our reality.

We're not in this to "rescue" or "save" a child. [those words actually make me shutter in relation to adoption.]

we're simply loving our Jesus and trying our best to follow Him...

[and we're having a rockin' good time doing so.]

Somehow along the way we just get the incredible privilege of welcoming a little Ethiopian kiddo into our lives.

and I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Fantastic post. Love the puzzle. Amazing artist. Love the shirts. Saw them wanted to start singing. I just might need to order us one. Or two. :)

  2. friend. i miss you. someday, i want to be your neighbor. we can sip wine on the porch and your kiddo can play in my sweet castle-closet :)