Sunday, October 10, 2010

saxophone, marching band & home studies.

We received the first draft our of home study late Friday night. Our social worker mentally prepared us for how difficult it may be to read a report that represents our 26 years of existence, in nine neatly printed pages.

But, we were pleasantly surprised. I really feel that the study represents us well and our love for one another, family and our Heavenly Father....and that makes me smile.

AND, on a slightly humorous note, the report included that Jim played the saxophone in high school AND was in marching band-ha! love that.

[seriously, who would have thought such things would make it into a legal document that will be sent to the United States AND Ethiopian Embassies?!?! ]

it's the little things in life.
and it keeps us laughing.



  1. high five for marching band. 5 years, right here.

  2. i especially like that it is documented that i am your bff. such important info for ethiopia to know!

  3. how funny! em, did they write that you had a tattoo on your foot? one girl in my choir at church wants 6 shirts. i'll get back to you with sizes. :)

  4. Obviously saxophone and marching band was not as important in your life as Jim's. Why oh why did we spend all that money on lessons if it didn't even get mentioned in your life history. I do hope that you mentioned that you put me to sleep every night with Emily's rendition of Bridge Over Troubled Waters!!

  5. Love it :) Wouldn't think they'd really care whether you were in marching band or not....but it is funny that Jim told them that in the first place. :)