Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Puzzle Results: WEEK NINE!

It has been nine weeks since we began our puzzle fundraiser.
In NINE weeks 459 puzzle pieces have been sponsored.
Some of the puzzle pieces have names of people we don't know and have never met.
Some have names of new friends and friends of old.
Some have names of relatives, our church family, & co-workers.
It's a beautiful thing.

We are so grateful for the prayers, for the love, for the financial support.
The puzzle is progressing, every week....and that leaves me speechless.

Another 24 pieces were added this past week.

AND, on Tuesday we submitted our application to USCIS [United States Citizenship & Immigration]. This is HUGE! It's paper chasing time, folks! One step closer to getting on the wait list! Prayers appreciated as we embark on this next's still so surreal!

and completely wonderful.

love, em

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