Monday, September 27, 2010

Home Study: TODAY 6pm

I probably shouldn't be sitting here typing.
There's a kitchen to clean, papers to put away, laundry to be done, grocery shopping to do and errands to run....

AND, did I mention our home study is tonight at 6?!?

But, adoption blogs are way more entertaining to read than the before mentioned chores!

I'm strangely at peace about our home study, and actually looking forward to it! Our house isn't even near perfect, but, it's clean [or will be by 6pm!]

I'm excited to cross things off our adoption to-do list and the home study is a big one. We've been at a standstill for the last couple of weeks. It's exciting to get the ball rolling, again.

AND, even more exciting news-I've joined a Yahoo forum of families in NC who have adopted from Ethiopia. They get together for picnics & play dates. Oh, how my heart rejoices in the thought of a plethora of sweet and stickin' adorable Ethiopian children running around here in our home state! Oh, where would we be without the internet?!?

sweet bliss.

We'll keep you posted how things go tonight.
Prayers appreciated!

AND, keep a look out for our puzzle update-we'll post it tonight after our social worker leaves!


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  1. Dear Jim and Emily,

    If I would be willing to find a group of sweet and stickin' adorable Ethiopian children running around in and around Grand Rapids would you be willing to move back so my sweet adorable grandchild could play with them?

    Love you lots,