Thursday, September 30, 2010

Future Flair.

I'm writing in anticipation of our next fundraiser. I simply can't wait.
Let's just say it involves work of the great, Tyler. [graphic designer and college roommate of the hubby AND groomsmen in our wedding].

As soon as the design is complete I'll post pictures.
I'm stoked.

The money raised from THIS fundraiser will go towards the $7,200 needed once we accept the referral of our kiddo. [Can't WAIT for that day!]

We're two pieces short of completing 25% of our puzzle!!! A huge thank you to those who have prayed for us, sponsored pieces, and shown us your love during this crazy, unpredictable and wonderful time in our lives. It is such a joy to write your names on the pieces, knowing you gave of yourself to help us, as we welcome a little one into our family. What a blessing.

Now, back to our next fundraiser....
it's cool.
you're going to want one, i promise.

Sorry for the cliff hanger :)
stay tuned.

with love on a rainy Raleigh night.

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  1. just wanted to introduce myself and say 'hi'! We are also adopting - a little girl age 0-12 mos with 3 bio kiddos at home. We are originally from Lexington, NC but now live near Columbia, SC. Love it that so many new families are being to adopt Ethiopian within traveling distance. Who knows what the future will hold. Good luck on your journey and God Bless!!! (we were DTE 8-27 with AWAA)