Monday, August 23, 2010

Many pieces, one puzzle.

Our adoption process has officially begun, thus so has our fundraising efforts. We have a substantial amount of money to raise over the next year. It's overwhelming when we sit down and look at the costs of international adoption; however, we fully believe this is God's calling and
He will provide.

We're learning to trust [whole heartedly.]

First and foremost, we ask for your prayers. We cannot do this alone. Please pray that God will guide us, grant us wisdom, patience and peace. Please continue to lift up our little guy and his family too.

Secondly, we ask that you may consider financially supporting us on this journey. We'll be doing numerous fundraisers throughout the upcoming months to raise finances required to bring our kiddo home! [i love typing that!]

Now...onto the fun part...

In effort to raise funds needed for our home study and dossier, we bought this 1,000 piece puzzle. Appropriately titled, "Waiting for the Bus" by Julia Cairns. A beautiful depiction of African culture...

We're inviting you to "sponsor" two pieces of the puzzle for $10. With each piece of the puzzle you sponsor, we'll write your name on the back and put that piece of puzzle into place. A permanent reminder of the part you played in this season of life.

Once all the pieces are sponsored and the puzzle complete, we'll frame it in double sided glass and display it in our house. It will be constant visual reminder of all those who prayed for us and financially supported us in this journey.

We'll post updates periodically as pieces are sponsored and added.

*If you wish to sponsor puzzle pieces, you may do so by clicking on the "donate" Paypal button located on the right side of our blog or you can send it to our home address [please email us for details.]

Thanks for loving us well.
We're humbled at the love and support we're already received.
The body of Christ is a beautiful thing...

.ten dollars. 2 pieces. one step closer.


  1. What a fantastic idea! We want some puzzle pieces...I'll just pay you next time I see you :) We're so excited! -That Wood Family

  2. Hi, I found your blog through my cousins blog. (John & Leah Baldauff) I'd like to send a 'donation' for some puzzle pieces, but don't have PayPal. My email is I could send it to your home, or if you feel more comfortable I can send it to them to forward to you. As a mom to an almost 3 year old daughter, and a 10 month old son... I'm happy to tell you that all the excitement and emotion you have right now in your journey, will only intensify a million times when you finally get to hold your child. There is no greater love or joy. Congratulations on your decision to become parents!

  3. I just donated! I love this idea! It's awesome. I hope to use it one day for something....=)

  4. I cannot find double sided frames anywhere! Do you remember where you bought a frame? We love this idea so much we're preparing to do it ourselves :)

  5. I LOVE this puzzle! Where did you purchase it? We're beginning fundraising for a mission trip back to LaGonave Haiti to an orphanage our family may be working at soon as missionaries. I absolutely love this fundraising idea!